Rhizome Artists' Collective

Rhizome supports local artists and the Plymouth community in collaboration with the Millfields Trust, community organisations and educational institutions.

Our ethos is:

Rhizome will enable emerging practitioners to remain in the local area after graduation, working collectively towards group exhibitions and collaborative projects. It will support the collective, creative needs of artists within the context of their own local, cultural and economic community, whilst developing links and opportunities outside the area nationally and internationally.

Rhizome Pod Members (from left to right): Terry Channell, Marie Taylor, Richard Sunderland, Ildikó Hurley, David Muddyman
rhizome  /ˈrʌɪzəʊm/  (noun) BOTANY
A continuously growing horizontal stem, which puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals.


Full membership - (£15 per month)

Available to graduating or established artists.


  • Belong to a creative group of artists and designers from a variety of disciplines and ages for ongoing personal development to enhance individual practice.
  • Free use of Rhizome's facilities for group activities and exhibitions (not as personal studio space).
  • Partake in weekly activities and a variety of events designed to support and advance the development of members' artistic careers. 


  • To ourselves: attend one day a week to take part in group activities (talk about art, creative sessions or any activities a pod may find beneficial to themselves) which feed into and educate ongoing own work in aid of establishing oneself as an artist/designer after graduation.
  • To Rhizome: manage the group and the organisation with each individual lending their own strength and skills to varied roles (finance, admin, fund raising, IT management, PR, etc) by attending weekly meetings and using own time to carry out tasks (times vary from 1-2 hrs a week to intensive involvement when an event is approaching).  In addition, work together to raise funds for rent, equipment, exhibitions, group projects, or anything the group wishes to do.
  • To the creative community: work together with a variety of organisations, take part in citywide projects and explore regional, national and international connections to promote the continuum of creative education in Plymouth and beyond.

For further information please use the contact page  or e-mail us on [email protected]

Associate Membership - (£10 per year)

Available to Plymouth College of Arts' students and the general public.  Entitles members to free access to art talk sessions, discounted  drawing sessions and discounted use of  the facilities for exhibition space (fees to be confirmed). 

For further information please use the contact page or e-mail us on [email protected]


We welcome students of other institutions and members of the public who wish to express and explore their love of art and design with Rhizome Artists' Collective. 

If you wish to attend any of our activities please use the contact page or e-mail us on [email protected]

For Rhizome's list of events, art talks and drawing sessions please see the News and Activities pages.