Rhizome Pod members:

Terry Channell BA (Hons) Painting, Drawing & Printmaking, year 3

My work is about the boundary between our internal and external worlds, between what we know intellectually and what we know intuitively. I believe that our experience of the world is more than we perceive, and our sense of the world goes beyond the physical.  Drawing, painting and printmaking provide opportunities to explore this wider and deeper view of our experience, taking us towards the limits of awareness.

Marie Taylor BA (Hons) Painting, Drawing & Printmaking graduate (2017)

I work at the edge of contemporary drawing practice, focussing on the physicality of drawing, my work embodying a drawing ‘experience’. Drawing research is fundamental to my practice in the form of collaborations and symposia and I am currently working towards developing ‘Inside Edge’, projects with Rhizome Artists’ Collective and ‘Discovering Through Drawing’ Symposiums.  Since graduating in 2017, it has been fundamental to my practice and professional development to maintain critical dialogue with local artists and organisations;  Rhizome provides the energy and structure to enable me to pursue my creative career.

David Muddyman BA (Hons) Painting, Drawing & Printmaking

I am a painter and printmaker who is concerned with the beauty of his surrounding landscape, in ways of expressing emotional responses to a sense of place together with the ever-changing natural forces and man’s influence within it. Through the three years of the BA Painting, Drawing and Printmaking course I came to realise the importance of peer support and mutual enthusiasm. It became a natural process to critique and help encourage the people I have artistically grown-up with and who have encouraged me. This creates artistic energy that I can use myself and, also, that I can give back to others.

Ildikó Hurley BA (Hons) Textiles

I am a three-dimensional thinking designer largely working in textile practices.  My skills are widely varying, incorporating knitting, screen printing, lether craft, surface pattern design and adopting these skills to a variety of surfaces.  Working from home in isolation can be a lonely and limiting process and to bridge this gap I've been seeking like-minded artists and designers to work with collaboratively to fire the creative, designing part of my work process. A group like Rhizome would be invaluable for me by offering group critique, collaborative working and support and working towards collective exhibitions.